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  1. Earth Fare Unveils New Non-GMO Product Line, Continues Decades-Long Commitment To Healthy Food

    For more than 40 years, Earth Fare has served its communities by making healthy food accessible and affordable, and now it takes the next step by removing GMO ingredients from its private brand food products

  2. Food Manufacturers Embrace Improved Food Date Labels

    New Voluntary Guidance Will Help Combat Major Source of Wasted Food, Money and Resources

  3. PanTheryx Invests In The Future Potential Of Colostrum With Multiple Acquisitions

    Aiming to maximize the potential of bovine colostrum to benefit global health, PanTheryx is announcing two major acquisitions that make it the world’s premiere manufacturer of nutrient rich colostrum

  4. Colorado Real Estate Investor McWHINNEY Embarking On Dynamic Growth Strategy For 2017

    McWHINNEY – a Colorado-based premier real estate investor and developer with expertise in mixed-use, commercial, multi-family and hospitality assets – has hired two key new leaders as it embarks on a dynamic growth strategy for 2017

  5. The New Stainless Steel Barrel Lifter From Packline Provides Safe And Easy Lifting Of Beer Kegs

    The keg and barrel lifting equipment has been designed to provide the safe and easy lifting and controlled movement of barrels and kegs of beer or other beverages

  6. Plant-Based Food Innovation With Univar And TerraVia

    TerraVia and Univar, a distributor of food ingredients and provider of value-added services across Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA), announced recently a distribution agreement across Europe for the AlgaVia brand of Whole Algae Ingredients

  7. TechAccel And Iowa Corn Opportunities Invest In Agrivida

    TechAccel and Iowa Corn Opportunities recently announced separate investments in Agrivida Inc., a St. Louis-based agriculture technology company focused on animal nutrition

  8. Charm TRIO Test Receives AOAC Certification

    Charm Sciences, Inc. is pleased to announce the Charm TRIO test (TRIO) has received AOAC Performance Tested Methods (SM) (PTM) certification 121601. The Charm TRIO test detects beta-lactams, sulfonamide drugs, and tetracyclines in raw commingled milk at or below Canadian Maximum Residue Limits and US Tolerance/Target Levels in 3 minutes

  9. New Acosta Research Dissects The Profiles Of Today’s Natural And Organic Shoppers

    In recent years, the natural and organics category has seen significant growth, but the profiles and motives of today’s natural/organics shoppers are drastically different than they were less than a decade ago

  10. Prairie Farms Dairy And Swiss Valley Farms Merger Approved

    Prairie Farms Dairy and Swiss Valley Farms announced today that members of both cooperatives have approved the proposed merger with overwhelming support. Both companies are industry-leading farmer-owned cooperatives and rank among USDA’s list of Top 100 Cooperatives