Current Headlines

  1. USDA Overhauls Food Date Labeling For Meat And Dairy Products Nationwide

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture took action recently to help make expiration date labeling on eggs, meat and dairy products less confusing, and eliminate a key cause of consumer food waste in the U.S.

  2. ProcessPro To Speak At Northwest Food & Beverage World Expo

    ProcessPro, leading mid-market ERP software solution company, is pleased to announce that ProcessPro employee, Daniel Erickson, Manager, Product Strategy, will speak at the Northwest Food & Beverage World 2017 Expo – January 9-11, 2017 in Portland, Oregon

  3. Amcor Unveils New PET Stock Bottle Collection For Dairy, Aseptic, And High-Pressure Processed Beverages

    Amcor Rigid Plastics, the world’s leading producer of rigid plastic packaging, has launched a new collection of crystal clear polyethylene terephthalate (PET) stock bottles and preforms for dairy, aseptic, and high-pressure processed (HPP) liquid beverages

  4. Packline Announce The New Fully Motorised Attachment For Handling Rolls Of Film, Foil And Paper

    The all-new fully motorised vertical spindle attachment from Packline has been designed to enable the handling, lifting and rotation of rolls of film, foil, paper and other packaging materials. The roll handling attachment is constructed from stainless steel and suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industries as well as other hygienic clean room applications

  5. FrieslandCampina Hong Kong Is Crowned The Hong Kong Most Valuable Company 2017, Leader Of Integrity

    FrieslandCampina Hong Kong is honored to receive the honor to be the Hong Kong Most Valuable Company 2017 - Leader of Intergrity of the Year and receive the recognition of Hong Kong and China most reputed brand, presented by Mediazone Group

  6. GEA Sets Global Dairy Standards With Worlds' Most Efficient Milk Powder Plant

    GEA, one of the largest suppliers of processing technology for the global dairy and food industry, installs a high performance spray dryer as the centerpiece of the new milk powder plant in Lichfield, New Zealand

  7. Private Label Packaging Market Driven By Growing Food And Beverage Industry

    Packaging became a need of a product launch strategy, from the past decade. Packaging is the need of all industries, from designing to printing and from raw material supplies to processing. Packaging industry witnessed large scale technology adoption regarding equipment, films, and packaging methods

  8. Big Data Analytics & Dairy Farming: Halydean M&A Model Unveiled

    Halydean Corporation, a privately held dairy and beef farm investment group, announced it has unveiled its dairy industry roll-up model with big data analytics to help with mergers and acquisitions as well as complete operational decision analysis

  9. Gay Lea Foods Announces Record Investment To Transform Canadian Dairy

    Gay Lea Foods Co-operative Limited ("Gay Lea Foods") today announced a significant investment of $140 million over four years to establish an innovative, nutrition and nutraceutical-grade dairy ingredients hub in Canada

  10. Dean Foods And CROPP Cooperative Form Joint Venture To Grow The Organic Valley® Milk Brand

    Dean Foods Company (NYSE: DF) and CROPP, an independent farmer cooperative, are partnering in a strategic joint venture to bring organic milk to retailers through Dean Foods' processing plants and refrigerated direct store delivery (DSD) distribution system.