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  1. ProcessPro ERP Selected By Zumbro River Brand, Inc. To Advance Operations

    ProcessPro, leading mid-market ERP software solution company, is pleased to announce that Zumbro River Brand, Inc., a Minnesota-based contract food manufacturer, has selected ProcessPro’s ERP solution to support their growing operation

  2. InventHelp Inventor Develops Better Means Of Labeling Milk Packaging (PND-4532)

    "A lot of milk is thrown out due to spoilage. I thought that there should be a more reliable way to determine whether or not milk is still fresh than a mere expiration date stamped on the package," said an inventor from Lakewood, N.J. "That is why I came up with this idea."

  3. Wayne Farms Launches Gap Step 2 Rated Products

    Oakwood, Georgia (PRWEB) Wayne Farms LLC, a leading provider of chicken products to the foodservice industry for more than 60 years, launched its first ever Global Animal Partnership (GAP) Step 2 Rated line of premium chicken products, branded NAKED TRUTH™, at the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association (IDDBA) Show in Anaheim, Calif. on June 5, 2017

  4. Sunworks 1.9 MW Solar Construction Project For Meirinho Dairy Slated For Completion In 2017

    Sunworks, Inc. (NASDAQ: SUNW), a leading provider of solar power solutions for agriculture, commercial, industrial (ACI), and residential markets, announced today a new project for a 1.9 megawatt (MW) solar system that will be constructed at Meirinho Dairy in Merced, California

  5. Blommer Expands Capacity & Introduces Founder’s Reserve

    Blommer Chocolate Company, the largest cocoa processor and chocolate manufacturer in North America, today announced several capacity additions to continue to support the growth of its core business. Having recently completed over 30 million pounds of capacity additions, the company also announced plans for an additional 20 million pounds of planned capacity in the coming months

  6. HOLLOWAY AMERICA Increases Operator Safety, Ease Of Use With New Lift Technology, The Revolution Lift

    HOLLOWAY AMERICA, a leading manufacturer of stainless steel pressure vessels and equipment for varying industries, including food and dairy, munitions, and pharmaceutical/biotech, recently introduced The Revolution Lift, a new precision-controlled head lift assembly that promotes optimal operator safety and ease of use. The improvement in technology comes on the heels of HOLLOWAY’s release of the intelliVessel™, a smart tank that incorporates a digital control panel that provides operators with a precise, more seamless manufacturing experience

  7. India's Dairy Industry Experiences Consequent Rise In Purchasing Power

    Dairy activities have traditionally been integral to India's rural economy

  8. Innovation And Expansion Surround Plant-Based Dairy And Meat Alternatives But Market Still Remains Niche

    In recent years there has been a lot of expansion and innovation surrounding plant-based dairy and meat alternatives in the U.S., even with dairy and animal-protein manufacturers finding ways to enter the space, but the market’s potential is still being determined. According to The NPD Group, a leading global information company, the market for plant-based alternatives is still evolving as consumers begin to leverage these items because of food allergies or they’re seeking what they believe to be more healthful options

  9. Two Colorado Companies Partner Up To Deliver Better Tech To Dairy Livestock

    Dairy Tech, Inc. announced that it has made a strategic investment into HerdDogg, Inc., developers and creators of a livestock monitoring system that will revolutionize the industry

  10. Distributed Modular I/O In The Food Processing And Beverage Industry For Hygienic Pressure Wash-Down Applications

    Balluff is pleased to introduce industry's first machine mount, IP69K protection rated, ECOLAB certified distributed I/O modules powered by EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, and IO-Link. End users and machine builders of automation in food, meat, dairy and beverage industries that need to follow stringent food safety requirements can now utilize full benefits of distributed modular I/O architecture for all the required I/O and sensor connectivity