Current Headlines

  1. Forage-Based Diets On Dairy Farms Produce Nutritionally Enhanced Milk

    In a collaborative research project including the University of Minnesota, Johns Hopkins University, Newcastle University in England, Southern Cross University in Linsmore, NSW Australia, and the Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark, researchers have found that cows fed a 100% organic grass and legume-based diet produce milk with elevated levels of omega-3 and CLA, providing a markedly healthier balance of fatty acids

  2. Happy Family® Launches First Premium Organic Whole Milk Yogurt With No Added Sweeteners For Babies And Toddlers

    Happy Family®, the fastest growing premium organic baby food brand, is still on a mission to change the trajectory of children's health with the debut of the first-ever organic yogurt line with no added sweeteners for babies and toddlers

  3. International Joint Ventures In Dairy Pick Up Steam

    As the dairy industry evolves and modernizes, dairy companies across the U.S. are looking to capitalize on increasing milk production through international joint ventures with companies that have significant manufacturing, networking and marketing expertise, according to a new report from CoBank’s Knowledge Exchange Division

  4. fairlife Launches Ultra-Filtered Whole Milk With DHA Omega-3

    fairlife, LLC, the health food company known for its high-protein ultra-filtered milk, is expanding its portfolio of milk products to include fairlife® DHA Whole Milk, a creamy, ultra-filtered cow's milk with DHA Omega-3 fatty acids to support brain health

  5. Baltic Dairy Board Is Rapidly Developing In The Field Of Biotechnology

    Baltic Dairy Board Ltd. informs that in 2018 the company will concentrate its activities/production on the production of biotechnological products, such as a diverse production of GOS (galacto-oligosaccharides) in syrup and powder form. Milk and whey products produced so far, such as cream, milk protein concentrate (MPC) and whey protein concentrate (WPC), will be produced only by special order

  6. Maple Hill, America’s Original 100% Grass-Fed Organic Dairy Launches New Blended Yogurt

    Maple Hill, America’s original 100% grass-fed organic dairy, announces the launch of a brand new line of blended yogurts. Developed in response to the high consumer demand for 100% grass-fed organic dairy products, the new line of smooth & creamy whole milk yogurts are a triple delight: excellent nutrition, farm fresh taste and sure to be a new family favorite

  7. Neogen Releases Easiest Dairy Antibiotic Tests

    Neogen Corporation (NASDAQ: NEOG) today announced that it has released BetaStar® Advanced — the easiest method to test for antibiotics in milk

  8. Cargill Brings Facial Recognition Capability To Farmers Through Strategic Equity Investment In Cainthus

    Cargill and Cainthus, a Dublin-based machine vision company, are reshaping how animal producers make decisions for their livestock through a strategic partnership that will bring facial recognition technology to dairy farms across the world. The deal includes a minority equity investment from Cargill

  9. Global Liquid Pouch Packaging Market Driven By Increasing Consumer Preference Towards Energy And Non-Carbonated Healthier Beverages

    Packaging industry is experiencing a substantial growth over the last couple of years. Interactive packaging helps companies to stay ahead of their peers. As a result, packaging companies are coming up with many new innovative products in the market. Liquid pouch packaging is one such attractive packaging solutions which is in high demand among the brand owners

  10. TruMoo® Chocolate Milk Kicks Off 2018 By Partnering With One Warm Coat

    This winter, TruMoo® Chocolate Milk, Dean Foods Company (NYSE: DF) brand, is partnering with One Warm Coat, a national, non-profit organization dedicated to providing free, warm coats to those in need