Supplier News

  1. Quadro Conical Sifter S20
    Quadro is proud to introduce the new Quadro Conical Sifter S20. The Conical Sifter S20 overcomes many of the typically problematic product flow bottlenecks associated with traditional sifting technologies
  2. PCCS Equipment Provides An Efficient Approach To Cutting Cheese
    Over the last fifty years not only have the methods used in the production of cheese changed radically, there have been significant advances in both the methods and the equipment for handling and cutting the cheese.
  3. Westfalia Separator Dairy Centrifuges Meet 3A Sanitary Standards For Design And Fabrication
    Westfalia Separator’s complete line of Dairy Centrifuges has been recognized by 3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc. as the only line that meets 3-A Standards for design and fabrication
  4. Dispersing Flavors In Ice Cream Manufacturing
    One process in the manufacture of ice cream is the incorporation of flavors such as fudge, caramel, peanut butter, and maple syrup into the ice cream base. This requires a mixer to disperse and blend very viscous ingredients (up to 500,000 centipoises) into a low viscosity base.
  5. PCCS Providing Material Handling Expertise To The Food Industries
    The handling of the materials used in any process is an important activity, particularly in the dairy, food and beverage industries, and, if managed poorly, can represent significant added costs.
  6. Sizing Powders In Battery Manufacturing
    A large, international manufacturer of dry cell batteries approached Quadro to help them improve the manufacturing of their battery products. The battery employed several powder mixtures of Teflon, Carbon black powder and Graphite
  7. Quadro Introduces The New Model ZC5 In-Line Powder Disperser
    Quadro Ytron welcome a new addition to the ZC Disperser family. The ZC5 Powder Disperser is uniquely engineered to incorporate and disperse large quantities of powders into a liquid stream in a single-pass at flow rates up to 400 gpm
  8. Rehrig Pacific Offers Lightweight, Restriction-Free Pallet Alternative For Export Shipping Market
    In response to increasing global import restrictions on wooden pallets and to provide a light-weight shipping alternative, Rehrig Pacific Company is pleased to announce the new RPX 4840 Export Pallet
  9. Quadro Vac® Dust-Free Milling System Used For Tablet Production
    Quadro Engineering recently supplied a Quadro® Comil® and Quadro Vac® to the research laboratories of a large multi-national pharmaceutical manufacturer for use in tablet production. The Quadro Vac® Clean Grinding System was selected after trials were carried out and compared with systems employing high-speed Hammermills.
  10. Filling V-Blenders Quickly And Efficiently
    A large pharmaceutical customer was looking for a Conveyor System to fill their V-Blenders with powdered ingredients of varying bulk densities. They had already purchased a pneumatic conveyor in the past for conveying a specific product...