Product Showcase

  1. Lippke Model 4000: Benchtop Leak Detector

    The Lippke Model 4000 is a stand alone, bench top leak detector instrument designed to perform virtually all currently accepted test methods used to measure seal strength, package integrity and leak detection of flexible, rigid, porous, laminate, and foil-type consumer and medical packaging.

  2. HT1 - XS Hot Tack Tester
    Heat seal applications are constantly evolving to meet the challenge of higher specification materials and faster production methods
  3. Permeation Instruments
    Fast and accurate verification of carbonated beverage shelf-life is now possible via the Permatran-C Model 10
  4. Oxygen Permeation Tester: OX-TRAN® Model 2/10
    A cost-effective system for oxygen transmission rate testing of flat films and finished packages
  5. PAC CHECK® 800 Series: Package Integrity Tester

    The PAC CHECK 800M series is a package integrity tester. This package integrity analyzer has a combination leak detector, oxygen headspace analyzer, and package volume measurer. It's a quality control device for the measurement of important headspace analysis and leak parameters. It is also used as a research and development tool in package shelf-life studies.

  6. Cell Rupture Skids
    Niro Soavi VHP cell rupture (cell disruption) systems can be easily scaled from the lab and pilot systems through to the commercial size systems. Also, the homogenizer meets all the ASME BPE requirements for cell disruptors and the compression head has non shedding components and parts due to material selection and design.
  7. Infeed Packaging Machinery
    Zero-Gap™ infeed packaging machinery is designed for a variety of applications in the food, soft drink, beer, wine and household product industries. Zero-Gap™ increases efficiency to 98% or greater and is a low-maintenance alternative to conventional laning systems.
  8. Package Testing Services
    Testing will be performed for a maximum of 150 hours for the quoted price. If the sample analysis exceeds 150 hours, MOCON will contact the client to determine if additional testing is required. Additional costs may be incurred for extended analysis time
  9. Film Testing Services
    Testing of samples will be performed in duplicate to ensure data reproducibility. Two separate samples of identical material will be tested and both results reported
  10. PAC CHECK® 333 Triple Gas Analyzer (CO,CO2, & O2)
    The PAC CHECK Model 333 is a cordless single-handed Triple Gas Analyzer for checking modified atmospheres inside packages. It is the ideal instrument for portable, fast and accurate headspace tests on the packaging line, in warehouses or in laboratories.