Product Showcase

  1. Sanitary Rotary Valve
    The Niro sanitary rotary valve is the perfect design for continuous discharge of powders and granulates from a food or dairy processing application
  2. Powder Disperser
    The ZC5 Powder Disperser is uniquely engineered to incorporate and disperse large quantities of powders into a liquid stream in a single-pass at flow rates up to 400 gpm
  3. Hans Pedersen Custom Fabrication (Stainless)
    Custom fabrication materials include: 304 SS, 316L SS, Hastelloy, Exotics. Finishes include: Industrial Unpolished to 8 RA Mirror Finish.
  4. PDX Sonic Technology
    A&B Process Systems is blending their process systems with Pursuit Dynamic's PDX sonic shockwave technology to create a process system that can mix, disperse, heat rapidly, emulsify, and pump simultaneously...
  5. Consulting & Testing Services
    MOCON maintains the largest permeation testing laboratory in the world. This, along with the Company’s aroma and off-odor laboratory in Texas assists customers with issues concerning quality...
  6. Spray Dryers
    A&B Process Systems offers the versatility needed to fabricate large scale components for a dryer system...
  7. HTST Pasteurization
    From concept to completion, A&B Process Systems can design and built a pasteurization system...
  8. Clean In Place (CIP)
    A custom-designed CIP system from A&B means your customers can trust that their products have been made with special attention — attention that minimizes costs, maximizes productivity, efficiency, and emphasizes purity.
  9. Permeation Test System: PERMATRAN-W® Model 101K
    The PERMATRAN-W® Model 101K is the new permeation test system for measuring high transmission water vapor in moisture barriers...
  10. OX-TRAN® Model 702 Oxygen Transmission Rate Tester
    The OX-TRAN Model 702 is the latest innovation in oxygen transmission rate (OTR) testing, incorporating the finest in technology while setting a new standard for accuracy, throughput, and ease of use.