News | May 4, 2007

"Y" Jet Mixer - No Baffles Required

Source: Quadro Engineering Corp.

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Quadro's YTRON™ Jet Mixer uses a specially designed rotor/stator to deliver a pure axial jet flow, preventing vortices and unwanted air, as well as generating the efficient mixing that revolutionizes your process without the need for baffles in the vessel. Advantages of the Jet Mixer are: eighty percent (80%) reduction in processing times, improved finish quality, elimination of stratification in tanks and gentle handling of shear-sensitive products. The Jet Mixer is available with an optional bypass system for instant sub-surface dispersion of powders into liquids. The sanitary (CIP) design mixers have no bushings, bearings or seals that come into contact with the product, thereby eliminating product contamination.

Quadro Ytron Jet Mixer - Innovative Intank Mixing Technology for Sanitary and Industrial Liquid/Liquid Blending and Solids into Liquid Applications.

Principles of Operation

Quadro Ytron Jet Mixers revolutionize sanitary mixing with the use of a specially designed rotor/stator mixing head to deliver a pure axial flow pattern replacing the radial action associated with conventional open impeller design mixers. The mixing head includes an axial flow impeller contained within a unique finned, stator to eliminate wasteful radial flow to deliver a strong axial discharge. The mounting position of the mixer is to be located near the tank wall to ensure a strong top to bottom roll with a uniform velocity profile of the tank contents, all without vortexing and air entrainment. The axial flow pattern is ideal for many duties including quick and efficient blending, solids suspension/re-suspension and heat transfer.

Click here to download the complete article in PDF format.