News | December 5, 2023

United States: Quality And Safety Assurance In Dairy Products

  • More than 95% of American dairy farms are family-owned (USDA, 2019)
  • Farmers often spend a large part of their budget on the well-being of their cows.

Mexico City /PRNewswire/ - The United States Dairy Export Council (USDEC ): It all starts with the loving care of livestock on farms, which adheres to the standards established by the FARM National Dairy Program for Animal Care.

This program covers crucial aspects such as a nutrient-rich diet, a cozy barn as well as protecting the health of cows to prevent or treat diseases.

Regarding the production process, the milk that is obtained from cows is not touched by human hands, since it is extracted with milking machines. Once collected, it is quickly cooled and then stored in refrigerated stainless steel cisterns or tanks.

Once it is evaluated for safety (safety for consumption), the milk is transported to various processing plants throughout the country. In these facilities, it undergoes rigorous quality tests before being pasteurized, packaged or transformed into products such as cheese or milk powder.

Each phase of the process is approved by government entities, such as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), which carries out audits on farms and processing plants to ensure compliance with national and international regulations.

Additionally, the Innovation Center for American Dairy has developed the Enhanced Guide to Dairy Traceability, adopted by 80% of the country's companies. This system records the complete journey of a product from its production to its location in the supply chain.

How does traceability benefit the consumer? First, it improves the overall quality and safety of products. Secondly, in the unlikely event that a batch is damaged, its sale can be stopped in less than two hours, thus guaranteeing consumer safety.

Farmers, cooperatives, processors, government representatives and nonprofit organizations join forces to ensure that dairy products produced in the United States meet quality standards that exceed international standards and provide an unparalleled experience to consumers.

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Source: USDEC

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