News | April 19, 2018

Turkey Hill Dairy's Newest Ice Cream Takes Neapolitan To Bold New Levels

Trio'politan line-up combines three flavors in each container to create flavor adventures like Coco Loco, Triple Chocolate, and American Dream

Lancaster County, PA /PRNewswire/ - After more than 150 years, the classic triple threat known as Neapolitan has some competition, thanks to Turkey Hill Dairy's new Trio'politan. The new dessert from the Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, dairy is a blend of three classic and bold new flavors in each container that take Neapolitan's traditional recipe to nontraditional levels.

"Trio'politan is about having choices and having fun," said Turkey Hill President John Cox. "The flavors were chosen based on their ability to complement each other but also be strong enough to stand on their own for ice cream lovers who might 'selectively scoop' to get the flavor they really want."

The Trio'politan line-up includes:

  • Triple Chocolate — milk chocolate ice cream with fudge swirl, dark chocolate ice cream, and chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips
  • American Dream — blueberry ice cream, vanilla ice cream with strawberry swirl, and strawberry ice cream with chocolate chips
  • Coco Loco — caramel ice cream, coconut ice cream with toasted coconut swirl, and chocolate ice cream
  • Mint Cookie — vanilla ice cream with chocolate cookie swirl, dark chocolate ice cream, and mint ice cream with chocolate cookie pieces
  • All Natural Chocolate Raspberry Bliss — vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream, and raspberry ice cream with chocolate chips

Trio'politan is the second notable addition for the Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, dairy in 2018, joining the new Decadent Delights line of indulgent bars and parfaits. Trio'politan is available in select stores where Turkey Hill products are sold. For more information about Trio'politan, visit Visit the brand on social at or on Twitter at @TurkeyHillDairy.

SOURCE: Turkey Hill Dairy

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