Steam Injection Unit

Source: Armfield Limited
Steam Injection Unit
The FT74DI is a self-contained miniature direct steam injection UHT unit.
Armfield Limitedis a self-contained miniature direct steam injection UHT unit. It is designed for treating milk, flavored milk, ice cream mixes, broths, fruit concentrates, juices, tea, coffee, baby foods, confectioneries, cream, gelatin products, gravies, pharmaceuticals and yogurts.

Direct steam injection allows products to be taken to high temperature in a very short time, thus retaining flavor and color while destroying heat resistant bacteria. The product is preheated in tubes before steam is injected for rapid achievement of the desired temperature, which can be up to 150ºC and held between 2-15 seconds.

Other features include automatic temperature control, on-board pressurized hot water circulator, fine control over vacuum pressure for control of retained water, on-board vacuum system and hot water pump.

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