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Shield Your Herd: University Products Leads The Charge With Premier Bovine Anaplasmosis Vaccine

Baton Rouge, LA /PRNewswire/ - As Anaplasmosis continues to extend its infectious reach beyond the southeastern United States, University Products remains at the forefront of defense. Traditionally confined to certain regions, anaplasmosis now poses a major endemic threat to cattle across the nation due to constant seasonal tick and horsefly infestations, exacerbated by interstate cattle markets.

Rising Threat: Anaplasmosis Expands Across the U.S.

Anaplasmosis in cattle is primarily spread from the bites of infected ticks and horseflies. The process begins when the parasites feed on an infected animal and acquire the Anaplasma marginale bacteria. The organism then completes part of its life cycle in the tick's gut before moving to the salivary glands and being transmitted to other animals through repeated bites. Similarly, horseflies can spread the disease for up to two hours after feeding on an infected host.

The second way that the infection spreads is by blood contaminated equipment, improperly cleaned and used between animals. Reusing needles spreads Anaplasmosis and many other blood borne diseases

Symptoms in infected animals appear 2-6 weeks post-infection, varying from mild anemia (marked by fever, depression, and isolation) to severe cases in adults, showing jaundice, abortions and other symptoms, with all potentially leading to death.

Early diagnosis is especially difficult in young animals who, when infected, may only show fever and increased breathing rates – due to their body's faster red blood cell regeneration. This situation creates chronic carriers that often do not show signs unless they are immune compromised, infecting many others along the way before those signs are ever apparent.

Limitations and Challenges of Traditional Mitigation
Traditional mitigation strategies for this disease are costly and far from perfect, or even particularly effective. Combating parasitic pests is a difficult and never-ending task, while long-acting antibiotic injectables like oxytetracyclines or antibiotic-dosed cattle feed both require prescriptions from veterinarians.

"And despite widespread industry use, antibiotics were never meant to be a routine preventative cure," said Gene Luther from University Products. "What you wind up getting is major antibiotic resistance. Or worse, the very real possibility of creating disease strains that are a far greater threat than the original."

A New Line of Defense: University Products' Anaplasmosis Vaccine
Given the FDA's stricter guidance on antibiotic use in feed-producing animals, the industry faces increased pressure to find sustainable and compliant disease management strategies. And University Products' Anaplasmosis vaccine remains the optimal choice.
Key features include:

  • Twenty Five years of providing real protection for cattle producers.
  • Cost-Effective: Much more affordable than alternative treatments, reducing budget strain for small and mid-sized farmers who are the most financially vulnerable.
  • Ease of Use: Requires only two doses in the first year followed by an annual booster, with no restrictions based on the stage of bovine pregnancy.

"In the face of rampant anaplasmosis spread, our vaccine offers a cost-effective and labor-efficient solution compared to other options," said Gene Luther. "It allows producers to focus on other critical aspects of their operations, rather than constant, often futile pest control and symptom management."

A detailed description of the vaccine and its method of administration is publicly available for PDF download. For more information on vaccine availability for ranchers and veterinarians, please contact University Products directly.

About University Products LLC
Based in Louisiana, University Products specializes in approved (for experimental use) bovine vaccines. Their anaplasmosis vaccine minimizes clinical signs in at-risk animals, is safe during pregnancy, and requires two initial doses plus annual boosters. The company is also researching vaccines for bovine babesiosis and theileriosis. Veterinarians can inquire about availability by emailing directly at

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