Process And Control Valves

Progress is expressed in the simplification and optimization of open-loop and closed-loop control of media in various processes. As a result, Bürkert process valves demonstrate what the experience and know-how of a market leader in fluidics can do for its customers: a safe investment in a safe and reliable plant.

Bürkert process valves demonstrate what the experience and know-how of a market leader in fluidics can do for its customers: a safe investment in a safe and reliable plant. Innovative technology from Bürkert is an investment which creates substantial advantages over the competition. And this safe investment can be found worldwide in numerous installations in an extremely vast range of industries. In a word: every Euro is a safe investment, both technically and economically.

Bürkert process valve technology has a virtually unlimited scope of application. Wherever the task concerns controlling process valves using process controllers in the food or pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, water treatment or process engineering sectors, and particularly in the segment of diaphragm valves, our technology is unbeatable. The complete range, from small dosing valves for food dispensing to large valves for water treatment, meets every technical task with extremely efficient solutions of the highest quality. A modular system allows individual combinations that make every application state-ofthe- art and geared towards the future. 

We partner with you to choose the correct valve for your application. Starting with the body we can choose valves to control slurries, steam, aggressive liquids and materials which must remain pure.

We offer four main methods for controlling fluids from our world renowned angle seat pattern to a range of quarter turn solutions.

Angle Seat Valve: Robust, Long life, High flow

  • On/Off Valves - The ideal alternative to complex actuated ball valves, the  angle seat valve configuration is a real fit and forget solution.Bürkert’s quality is evident.
  • Control Valves - An uncomplicated control valve with large flows perfectly suited to steam, heat exchange and flow control applications.

Globe Valve - Accurate, Reliable, Light

  • On/Off Vavles - compact alternative to many pneumatically actuated valves, this globe pattern valve is especially convenient for smaller spaces or for connections requiring flanges.
  • Control Valves - These valves exhibit effective valve characteristics for continuous variation of the flow as a function of the parabolic plug position guided by a linear low friction stem.

 Diaphragm  - Media seperated, Hygienic, Resistant

  • On/Off Valves - a wide range of plastic and metallic materials, this isolated and media resistant design has an excellent reputation for versatility and reliability in both aseptic and in industrial applications where corrosive, pure or abrasive media are controlled. Relied on to provide leak-tight shut-off to the downstream side of the weir, to atmosphere and to the actuator mechanism.
  • Control Valves - The weir pattern is quite unique in its ability to control very pure substances where a minimum of wetted materials and dead volumes are absolutely required although using a diaphragm valve without proper understanding of its inherent flow profile would present difficulties.

Quarter turn - Full flow, Moderate duty, High pressure 

  • All the quarter turn valves can be actuated manually, electrically or pneumatically and can also employ all of the possible feedback and control modules available from one source.