One-Step Manufacturing Of Laundry Detergent Additives

Source: Quadro Engineering Corp.

A manufacturer of soap products approached Quadro looking for assistance in developing a new product - a detergent additive. The additive would be soap-based and would provide extra cleaning power to regular laundry detergent. To ensure the additive would stand out from the white detergent, the manufacturer required that a coloring agent be added and dispersed uniformly throughout the product. The additive also needed to readily break apart when mixed in a ribbon blender, to ensure a consistent distribution.

A Comil was used to extrude the product. The Comil's mixing action and low heat capability combined to extrude homogeneously colored strands. By blending the right amount of liquid colorant and using the proper screen hole size, the strands were fine enough that they broke apart easily and uniformly when mixed with the abrasive detergent in the Ribbon Blender.

To meet customer needs worldwide, ten (10) fully scalable Comil® models are available for a variety of applications and depending on the product's characteristics, can range up to 54,500 kg/hr (120,000 lb/hr). Meets all international safety standards including OSHA, CE, and ATEX.

SOURCE: Quadro Engineering Corp.