News | December 22, 2008

New Pump Solutions For Pharmaceutical Industry

Source: CSI

CSI is now a distributor of Pump Solutions Group (PSG), including Wilden, Almatec and Mouvex brand pumps.

A fast-emerging class of ultra hygienic pumps for the Biopharm industry is Wilden's Air Operated Diaphragm Pump. These pumps provide safe, seal-less, contained and positive feed, making them ideal for applications such as:

  • Bulk, active and sterile pharmaceutical product transfers
  • In-line blending with tight performance parameters (Mouvex)
  • Chromatography, Separation, Purification and Filter feeds
  • CIP Fluid and Joint CIP/ Product use
  • Chemical Feed, ingredient unloading and product sampling
  • Product Recovery and Solids Removal

As biopharmaceutical processes evolve, more attention is being paid to optimizing them. Separation of mechanical and utility functions is an example of area/floor space optimization. Air operated diaphragm pumps can be split so that the "power side" is mostly located remotely in an unclassified area and the fluid end can be placed in a classified area, with only an instrument air supply line connecting the two. Electric motors, oil filled gear cases and greased bearings no longer have to be located in the clean area.