News | October 1, 2007

New Fresh Cut Industry Non-Stick, Dewatering Conveyance Solution

Source: Intralox, L.L.C.

Intralox, L.L.C. has released its new Series 1600 Mesh Nub Top™ belt, developed to meet the needs of Fresh Cut industry conveyance applications. The belt's non-stick, mesh-top surface design provides an effective conveyance solution for transporting fragile fresh cut products, enabling efficient drainage and minimizing the risk of product loss.

The surface nubs on the Series 1600 Mesh Nub Top belt serve to reduce the product contact area of the belt surface. The nubs provide a lifting effect that improves product release, reducing damage or loss and increasing throughput. The belt's small pitch enables tight transfers.

The Series 1600 Mesh Nub Top belt design features fully sculpted and radius corners; there are no pockets or sharp corners to catch and hold debris. Like Intralox's Series 800 and Series 1800, the drive bar on the underside of the Series 1600 Mesh Nub Top channels water and debris to the belt edge for easier, faster cleanup.

Series 1600 Mesh Nub Top is available in acetal and polypropylene belt materials. No-Cling flights are available in standard 4-inch height, or they may be cut down to custom heights. The standard Mesh Nub Top indent is 1 inch.

SOURCE: Intralox, L.L.C.