News | November 18, 2011

Mocon 'Bundles' Permeation Units For Easy Entry Into OTR And WVTR Testing

Source: MOCON, Inc.

MOCON, Inc., the world's leading manufacturer of permeation instrumentation, has now made it easier for companies to add both oxygen and water vapor permeation testing capability in-house at an effective price point.

The company is "bundling" two of its entry-level, stand alone, transmission rate units to enable a more cost-effective entry. MOCON's well-known OX-TRAN® Model 1/50 for oxygen and PERMATRAN-W® Model 1/50 for water vapor testing are part of this program. (The entry-level package promotion applies to one of each unit or two of the same model.)

The promotion is ideal for food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other companies who have a need to verify the barrier properties of their packaging materials. The dual system offering is also suitable for educational or research institutes who may wish to have on-site access to instruments for teaching or training purposes.

"This program is perfect for those who have always wanted barrier testing capability in their own laboratory but could not justify the capital expense. Now they can obtain multi-gas testing capability at cost which makes the investment worthwhile," said Doug Lindemann, vice president, MOCON."The approach also is ideal for partners in the packaging supply chain — such as converters, resin suppliers, etc. — who are being asked to participate in performance testing."

Both the PERMATRAN-W® Model 1/50 and the OX-TRAN® Model 1/50 were designed with easy-to-install and simple-to-use features in mind. Their easy-to-read screens allow intuitive configuration and feature step-by-step calibration. Horizontal test cells offer convenient film mounting and a pneumatic clamp ensures a consistent seal. Results can be downloaded and archived. A convenient "quick start" function speeds set-up time and comes preset with ASTM standards to assist with compliance.

The PERMATRAN-W® Model 1/50 and the OX-TRAN® Model 1/50 utilize MOCON's new frequency modulated precise relative humidity method, with "set and go" fast and automatic controls. Further, the systems feature an automatic flow setting and are designed to protect against over/under pressure and sensor damage.

The OX-TRAN® Model 1/50 uses the patented proprietary coulometric sensor which provides absolute and accurate results and is one of the only systems on the market to comply with ASTM D3985.

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