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Komax Provides Advanced Inline Mixing And Heating Solutions For The Food And Beverage Industry

Huntington Beach, CA /PRNewswire/ - Komax Systems, Inc., the world's leading provider of innovative and customized inline mixing and heating solutions offers three top-of-the-line products for the food and beverage industry.

Sanitary Steam Heater
The Komax Inline Sanitary Steam Heaters are a sanitary version of the Inline Direct Injection Steam Heater. This innovation for the Food/Beverage industry has improved the process of cooking and heating heavy viscous liquids.

At the core of the Sanitary Steam Heaters, the static mixing module, six radially chambered static mixing elements produce and mix very fine steam bubbles into the stream to produce complete and uniform heating throughout the process flow. The Sanitary Steam Heater operates on low steam levels, contains no moving parts and provide for CIP (clean in place) application.

This cutting-edge innovation from Komax is a breakthrough in direct steam cooking for food and beverage companies.

Sanitary Static Mixer
Many cooking operations require a uniformly blended output, but it is hard to achieve this goal with conventional mixers.

Komax has introduced the ideal solution, an inline motionless Sanitary Static Mixer to meet the best expectations of the Food/Beverage experts. It can convert a multi-component input stream into a perfect uniform blend.

Sanitary Static Mixers are well-suited for producing blends in varying densities – from solids like tomato paste to viscous liquids like syrups to light fluids like drinks. Other sanitary applications can be performed with this solution, including slurries, starches, dairy products, stews/soups, mayonnaise, sauces, pastries, pulps, purees, juices, baby foods, vinegar, and puddings.

No moving parts are involved in Komax inline static mixers, and cleaning is very easy. Sanitary Static Mixers come with sanitary tri-clover end fittings with removable elements.

Sanitary Scepter Tank Heater
For Food/Beverage companies looking for versatile heating solutions, the Komax sanitary version of the Scepter Tank Heater is ideal for in tanking heating. The Scepter Tank Heater provides direct steam injection with a stirring action to hold both particulates and solids in suspension and achieve a uniform temperature throughout the tank.

All Komax solutions for the food/beverage industry are designed to achieve superior performance and deliver highly predictable results with top product quality and significant time and energy savings.

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Source: Komax Systems Inc.

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