Datasheet | August 6, 2008

Product Sheet: Jacketed Tubing And Fittings

Source: CSI

Jacketed tubing is used for in-line cooking of food products.
The inner tube surface can be 316L or AL-6XN® alloy, and the jacket for media flow is 304L stainless. These versatile systems can be installed almost anywhere on walls, ceilings or floors.

Tube-In-Tube Design
Jacketed tubes can eliminate pumping and dumping of sheer sensitive products. The standard double tube design utilizes counter current flow between the media and the product for efficient heat exchange. The unobstructed full-bore design treats large particulates gently and allows for easy visual inspection.

Extremely versatile and easily ex-pandable, our systems are designed for media temperatures ranging from 34° F to 205° F and product temperatures of 34°F to 300° F.

We can build a jacketed tubing system to fit your exact specifications or design a system to meet your needs.