News | July 11, 2001

Ice Cream 'Flavorology' Offers an Inside Scoop on Romance

Flavor Preferences Reveal Personality Traits & Romantic Compatibility

Say goodbye to singles bars, dating services and ``helpful'' advice from friends and family on your quest to meet that special someone. Turns out that the ``coolest'' place to find your perfect match is actually in your local freezer aisle. According to the latest research on ``flavorology'' conducted for Edy's Grand Ice Cream by the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, ice cream preferences not only provide an indicator of personality type, but also offer insights on romantic compatibility. So following the path to your ideal mate couldn't be sweeter!

Is Strawberry your flavor of choice? If so, this reveals a thoughtful, logical person who carefully weighs each option before making decisions. More a follower than a leader, strawberry lovers are content and effective working behind the scenes and out of the limelight. In relationships, strawberry fans are often characterized as shy and reserved. Although they don't fall head- over-heels in love at first sight, once they do commit to a relationship, they are loyal and supportive.

Mint Chocolate Chip lovers, on the other hand, tend to be ambitious and confident ... yet more skeptical about life. Although they often look for the tarnish on any silver lining, they are also realists who prepare for the future. While their stubbornness aids them in business, it adds a challenging element to romantic relationships. With patience, the paramours of mint chocolate chip lovers can harness their partner's tendency towards future orientation and planning to produce a happy and successful relationship.

Coffee lovers are lively, dramatic and flirtatious -- thriving on the passion of the moment. Because they throw themselves into all that they do, they tend to be over-committed, starting new projects without finishing old ones. A word of advice to those who partner with a coffee ice cream fan: coffee ice cream lovers become bored by the usual and thrive on new and exciting ventures.

People who opt for Rocky Road, a rich, indulgent flavor, tend to be charming and engaging in social situations, in business they are more aggressive and goal oriented. Rather than being self-conscious when being catered to, they are content and relaxed. A tip for those who are involved with a rocky road lover: despite their success, they are very sensitive to minor slights and respond best to encouragement rather than criticism. (Note: Edy's Grand Ice Cream invented Rocky Road in 1929).

There is nothing plain about Vanilla. In fact, vanilla fans are actually colorful, dramatic risk takers who rely more on intuition than logic. Emotionally expressive and idealistic, they tend to set high goals for themselves. On the romantic front, vanilla lovers rely on secure romantic relationships to redirect their energies toward realistic, obtainable goals.

If your favorite flavor is Butter Pecan, you might be characterized as the perfect worker. Butter pecan lovers are devoted, conscientious, respectful and fiscally conservative. They hold high standards for right and wrong and show integrity in all their actions. Butter pecan fans fear hurting the feelings of others and must be encouraged to express their deepest thoughts.

Those who prefer Strawberry seem to have the most romantic options. They are romantically compatible with those who prefer Strawberry, Rocky Road, Mint Chocolate Chip and Vanilla.

Mint Chocolate Chip lovers are most romantically compatible with other Mint Chocolate Chip lovers.

Those who prefer Coffee are most romantically compatible with those who prefer Strawberry.

Rocky Road fans are most romantically compatible with other Rocky Road fans.

Vanilla fans are most romantically compatible with those who prefer Rocky Road.

Butter Pecan aficionados are most romantically compatible with those who prefer Mint Chocolate Chip.

``Our latest research reveals how an individual's personality and potential romantic compatibility corresponds with their favorite ice cream flavor,'' said Alan R. Hirsch, M.D., neurological director of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago. ``Today, people hoping to walk down the aisle, may find the freezer aisle offers the sweetest path.''

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SOURCE: Edy's Grand Ice Cream