Hot Tack Tester: HT-1XS

Source: MOCON, Inc.
The Hot Tack Tester provides an accurate, repeatable and consistent method of testing the sealing properties of a wide range of materials

Datasheet: HT1-XS Hot Track Tester

Designed for Evolving Heat Seal Applications
Heat seal applications are constantly evolving to meet the challenge of higher specification materials and faster production methods.

Food manufacturers, film converters, film producers and resin manufacturers are constantly striving to shorten cycle rates on packaging lines and recognize that optimizing the heat sealing process is one way of accomplishing this, and ensuring a higher degree of seal integrity.

The number of heat seal applications is extensive, polypropylene and cello films, co-extrusions, thermoformed cups/trays and blisters, together with non-wovens are only a few of the materials that are bonded with heat, and as the number grows and new materials emerge in response to environmental demands, so does the need for an accurate, reproducible method of measuring heat sealing capabilities and performance.

Determination of hot tack performance requires a test method that provides repeatable results, free of operator interference. The falling weight principle, or the spring tests are difficult to regulate and are best suited for rough pass/fail evaluations. Neither method promises quantitative data. The results are either peel or no peel and are inappropriate for the strict demands of true quality control, research and development.

Datasheet: HT1-XS Hot Track Tester