News | July 8, 2009

First FDA-Compliant 24/7 PMO Tank Valve™ Available From GEA Tuchenhagen

Source: GEA Process Engineering Inc.

GEA Tuchenhagen US, LLC, global manufacturer of sanitary components for the dairy, pharmaceutical, brewery, food, beverage and personal care products industries, announces the addition of a mixproof 24/7 PMO Tank Valve™ to its 24/7 PMO Valve product line, the first of its type to hold an FDA M-b Memorandum allowing full 24/7 production.

As with the already well-proven 24/7 PMO Valve™, GEA Tuchenhagen's 24/7 PMO Tank Valve™ – designed with simple geometry and the laws of science in mind – generates a natural vacuum and ensures no CIP impingement on the opposite seat during seat lift cleaning. Production can then make use of one half of the valve while simultaneously cleaning the opposite half. Again, this means uninterrupted production – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The new valve is the first tank valve to hold an FDA Memorandum (M-b-359) allowing seat lift cleaning while product is present in the opposite valve housing.

"When we're out in the field with our U.S. dairy clients, it's very clear that there's a continuing need for innovation," remarked President Dave Medlar. "At GEA Tuchenhagen we take these needs – production flexibility, better space utilization, ultimately leading to higher returns on investment – very seriously. Our new 24/7 PMO Tank Valve™ solves some well-known vessel piping problems such as inadequate inlet/outlet header velocity cleaning. At the same time this allows our customers to reduce production down time while having complete confidence in the safe and hygienic operation of their plant."

In 2007, for the first time, the seat lift cleaning restriction in the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO) Regulation Section 15p (B) Item 6, was lifted by the US regulatory community. GEA Tuchenhagen's 24/7 PMO Valve™ was the first valve to obtain allowance to seat lift clean with milk product in the valve. This meant that complete sections of process pipework could be cleaned while other sections were still in production. In turn, this meant uninterrupted production – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

As well as allowing for full 24/7 plant production, the new 24/7 PMO Tank Valve™ is completely drainable in the horizontal and upside-down positions, it has a lower pressure drop compared to standard PMO valves and is ideal for large particulate and viscous products. The 24/7 PMO Tank Valve™ can also be close-coupled to vessels with GEA Tuchenhagen T or U flanges, in turn greatly simplifying vessel pipework.

About GEA Tuchenhagen
GEA Tuchenhagen, a company of the GEA Group, is a global leader in the manufacturing of a wide range of sanitary flow components – including valves in the mixproof, single-seat, divert, modulating, butterfly, sample and pressure relief families, valve control technology, inline instrumentation, cleaning devices, vessel protection, cleaning systems and, most notably, the revolutionary 24/7 PMO Valve™ family, consisting of the standard mixproof and the mixproof tank valve, the first of their kinds to hold FDA M-b Memoranda.

SOURCE: GEA Process Engineering Inc.