Filling V-Blenders Quickly And Efficiently

Source: Quadro Engineering Corp.

A large pharmaceutical customer was looking for a Conveyor System to fill their V-Blenders with powdered ingredients of varying bulk densities. They had already purchased a pneumatic conveyor in the past for conveying a specific product. However, when trying to apply the same conveyor for a lower bulk density ingredient, they found that the rate was too low because the filter on the conveyor was quickly blinded. They needed a velocity control to transfer product efficiently, without waste and at maximum capacity for all the powders. Quadro was contacted to provide a solution.

After evaluating the Customer's requirements, Quadro provided a pharmaceutical-grade Quadro Vac® pneumatic conveyor, equipped with a dry-running, variable speed vacuum pump. The unit was also equipped with Quadro's own computerized User Interface that allows pre-programming of the cycle times and pump speeds for multiple products. Each product code is tagged to a unique set of running parameters.

The Customer's requirement for one conveyor for all products at maximum rate was achieved. The customer subsequently purchased seven (7) more units, complete with computerized User Interface controls and floor-to-ceiling height adjustable hoists for all their suites.

SOURCE: Quadro Engineering Corp.