News | January 17, 2024

Ever.Ag Launches Revolutionary Cheese Yield Optimization Using AI

Lewisville, TX /PRNewswire/ - Ever.Ag is proud to announce the launch of our newest product: Cheese Yield Optimization. This groundbreaking solution leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to help cheese manufacturers maximize efficiency, reduce waste, and increase profitability.

The dairy industry faces immense challenges, including significant variability and unpredictability in milk composition, losing operational knowledge due to an aging workforce, and slim profit margins. Additionally, cheese making creates a "living" product with challenges predicting what is going to come out of the next vat due to variables that, traditionally, are stuck in a single cheese maker's head. The solution Ever.Ag provides helps to systematize or add data to what are historically a series of individual decisions.

Ever.Ag's Cheese Yield Optimization gives manufacturers unprecedented visibility into and performance of their operations. Our Cheese Yield Optimization program digitizes the majority of the cheese production process, analyzes the data to provide actionable recommendations to make operators in real-time and provides suggested recipe changes for tomorrow's production. These recommendations are based on Machine Learning and AI and quantify the difference between optimum yields and undergrade production to the operations and financial teams.

"What is exciting about Cheese Yield Optimization is it learns from existing and new data sets to highlight operational improvements, without taking away the 'art' of making cheese. The system does this with recommendations tailored to the user. Using existing data sets means customers will receive results in as little as 90 days vs. 12 to 15 months," said Ryan Mertes, Head of Manufacturing Solutions, Ever.Ag .

This enables cheese plants to understand exactly what products they are making and optimize their processes accordingly. Instead of relying on intuition built over decades, our AI assistant enhances decision-making to improve product consistency, quality, and yield. The benefits are game-changing – our customers can achieve 1-3% margin improvements worth millions of dollars through yield improvements and undergrade reductions.

"We are immensely proud of the Cheese Yield Optimization solution. This AI-driven solution is a game changer for the cheese industry. It combines our expertise in artificial intelligence with our deep understanding of dairy processes to create a tool that not only enhances efficiency but also preserves the unique artistry of cheese making. By integrating AI into cheese production, we're enabling manufacturers to not only maintain but also elevate the quality and consistency of their products. This technology represents a significant step forward in supporting the dairy industry's move towards more sustainable and profitable practices, ensuring that the time-honored tradition of cheese making thrives in the modern era," said Simon Drake, EVP, Data Science Solutions, Ever.Ag.

Cheese Yield Optimization also supports workforce transition and knowledge retention as younger employees take over plant management. Paired with Ever.Ag's existing dairy automation capabilities, manufacturers now have an integrated platform to drive efficiency and sustainability while delivering the highest value end products. To schedule a meeting about Cheese Yield Optimization, please contact Tom Filak at or approach our team at Dairy Forum, January 21-24.

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