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Eurotier Innovation Award For Dairymaster's Revolutionary New Mission Control Which Takes Milking To A Whole New Level

Dublin /PRNewswire/ - For the first time, Dairymaster has introduced artificial intelligence to rotary milking. This innovative breakthrough revolutionises milking time, decision making and control from one location. Through its advanced digital interface the operator gains a comprehensive overview and complete control of the milking operation.

Dairymaster's Mission Control takes complex data and processes it into easy actionable tasks which makes a major impact on dairy farms. Data alone has no intrinsic value, it's what you do with the data that creates value. This innovation means Dairymaster is taking milking to a whole new level.

OptiCruise one of the features of Mission Control uses artificial intelligence to maximise parlour throughput. By controlling parlour rotation speed based on live multi-stream data, every unit and cluster in the parlour is used to maximum capacity. This results in:

  • Up to 30% reduced milking time results in less labour and less parlour wear and tear.
  • Less standing time for cows leads to improved animal welfare.
  • Reduced running time means lower electricity and water usage.
  • Better return on investment for farm enterprise.
  • Remote diagnostics and troubleshooting makes servicing more efficient.
  • Increase herd size, not milking time.

"Innovation is core to what we do in Dairymaster. Winning a Silver Medal for Innovation at EuroTier is testament to the investment we put into research and development and creating products to suit all dairy farmers – from entry level to top of the range," comments Prof Edmond Harty, CEO, Dairymaster.

The Mission Control interface displays live information on every cow on the platform allowing the operator to take specific actions when necessary, for example, performing a CMT when SCC suddenly increases or withholding the milk from an animal during the withdrawal period. The operator can access real-time information at cow or herd level from one location, for example, yield, milking time, rotary stoppages, cow throughput and more. Clear visualisations inform the operator of cow-status, highlighting cows that require immediate actions which can be carried out from the interface, for example, draft for veterinary check or divert milk.

Dairymaster's advanced cow recognition system CowNow is another unique feature of Mission Control. Some benefits of this technology are increased data accuracy and reduced risk of antibiotics reaching the milk tank.

Clear data visualization leads to better management of the milking process. From one location, Mission Control displays the right information at the right time, so the operator can make the right management decisions.

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Editor's Note:
Eurotier is the world's leading trade fair for animal production and is held in Hannover, Germany.

The EuroTier 2018 Innovation Award is one of the world's leading awards in the agricultural industry.

Honouring innovations in animal welfare, safety, sustainability and efficiency, the award is a much sought-after benchmark for livestock professionals when making their investment decisions.

Source: Dairymaster

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