News | November 30, 2023

Emmi Opens A New Cheese Conversion Facility In The US

The Emmi Group is boosting its speciality cheese business in the US, its biggest export market. Yesterday, in Stoughton, Wisconsin, the US subsidiary Emmi Roth opened an ultra-modern facility for the sustainable conversion and packaging of cheese.

Emmi Roth officially opened an ultra-modern facility for the sustainable conversion and packaging of cheese yesterday on a site spanning more than 14,600 square metres in Stoughton, Wisconsin. With this move, Emmi further strengthens its position in the US speciality cheese market and opening up new opportunities to sell imported Swiss cheese.

“Emmi has been combining the traditional craft of cheese production with unique flavour, exceptional quality and innovation for over a century. This investment will allow us to consolidate our key strategic pillar – speciality cheese – in our biggest export market, because we’ll be able to bring innovations to market more quickly and respond to our customers’ requirements with even more flexibility,” says Ricarda Demarmels, CEO of the Emmi Group.

Drawing on synergies and increasing agility
Emmi Roth operates three production facilities in the state of Wisconsin, supplying retail and food service customers nationwide with high-quality speciality cheeses both produced locally and imported from Switzerland. Since acquiring Athenos, the leader in the US feta market, in 2021, Emmi Roth has been able to draw on synergies in market cultivation and distribution. As a result, the need to extend the conversion and distribution capacity has become more pressing. The new conversion facility will increase internal value creation, making Emmi Roth a more innovative and agile player in the market.

Sustainable conversion and new workspaces
With cheese being converted and packaged in-house, efficiency will be increased, while conversion and logistics procedures will be simplified. Journeys will be cut by half, which will in turn reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with internal processes. The facility is powered by electrical energy, which will help Emmi move closer to achieving its netZERO 2050 target. Around 125 brand-new, ergonomic workspaces have been created on site too.

Source: Emmi Group