Efficient Bulk Tank & Silo Turnover For Dairy Operations

Source: Quadro Engineering Corp.

Quadro Ytron recently sold several Y Jet Mixers for bulk tank mixing and gentle handling of shear-sensitive products. Some products that the Jet Mixer has successfully mixed include yogurt pre-mix, infant formula, condensed milk whey, milk serum, buttermilk storage, milk protein isolate, cream and fresh cheese.

The jet discharge creates a pure axial flow pattern eliminating vortexing, unwanted air entrainment and the need for hard-to clean baffles. The Jet Mixer eliminates stratification in large storage silos by maintaining complete tank motion of viscous, non-Newtonian fluids and easily suspending and re-suspending high- settling-rate solids.

Some additional benefits realized by dairy processors include improved heat transfer, reduced blending times by as much as 90%, elimination of sedimentation and the virtual elimination of air entrainment.

There are five (5) sanitary Jet Mixer models available ranging from 1/3 – 75 HP.

SOURCE: Quadro Engineering Corp.