News | October 17, 2018

DN2K And DataMi Partner To Deliver Causal And Predictive Analytics For The Dairy Industry

DN2K, a leading software provider for the dairy industry, has entered into partnership with analytic solution provider DataMi of Boulder, CO.

Denver, CO (PRWEB) - DN2K, a leading software provider for the dairy industry, has entered into partnership with analytic solution provider DataMi of Boulder, CO. Together, DN2K and DataMi will bridge the gap of current on-farm systems for data driven insights designed to increase operational efficiency, dairy profitability, and increased herd health.

DN2K is working with dairy industry leaders to tackle the vast amount of unanalyzed data produced on the dairy farm. By designing a single platform to aggregate and visualize all the data from the systems on a dairy farm - DN2K provides a comprehensive operational picture.

“The dairy industry has numerous opportunities to increase operational efficiencies and profits. Dairymen collect and store vast amounts of operational data and currently do not have the tools to analyze, predict and understand their data in real time. We are committed to delivering actionable insights into these problems,” commented Susan Lambert CEO of DN2K.

DairyInsight began addressing questions for dairy farmers such as: Could the mountain of required paper reporting be digitized and viewed in a simple report? Could feed costs be predicted and then forecasted into a budget? Could thresholds be measured for animal wellness and alarms set for problems or anomalies? Can milk production be forecasted and optimized based on budgets and contract quotas? Could all this information be viewed from anywhere? Today, DairyInsight collects extensive amounts of operational dairy data which opens the opportunity to leverage this data set for advanced analytic insights.

The DataMi team has partnered with DN2K to deliver modeling that can predict dairy production and feed costs under varying herd, feed, and weather conditions. Dr. Hans Brunner, CEO of DataMi explains “We are in the business of finding the deeper underlying causes that drive things in the world around us, then producing quantitative models of these forces so that we can better predict everything from upcoming system failures, to dairy production, to animal health or anything else that needs to be apprehended. We have the ability to look and analyze all inputs into a dairy operation.” Together DN2K and DataMi will provide an industry leading platform for the future of the dairy supply chain.

About DN2K

Founded in 2011, the DN2K team has over 18 years of experience in developing software-based systems for a broad range of market sectors. DN2K expertly provides IoT, sensor fusion, machine learning, visualization, and data analytics. DN2K turns data into a highly visual information display accessible from laptops, smart phones and tablets that can be shared with others in real-time. DN2K’s newest offering, DairyInsight, is a data analytics platform offering intuitive and collaborative ways to capture crucial operating information - leveraging whatever technology is already in place at a dairy farm. DairyInsight offers an aggregated data management platform that enables smarter use of resources. For more information about us visit and

About DataMi

Founded in 2015, the DataMi team has over 74-years of experience in tech innovation specializing in causal and predictive analysis. DataMi utilizes risk modeling with advanced software engineering that turns input data into findings and then into predictive simulation engines. Our goal is to provide superior online insights and decision making support for end users.

For more information about us visit

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