News | November 6, 2009

CSI Introduces New Solution For Tote Unloading

Source: CSI

CSI introduces an innovative new solution for processors who use Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC).

Many processors are finding that storing and/or transporting finished products in an IBC has practical and economical advantages. However, utilizing them in a clean, efficient and automated fashion is typically the primary concern.

CSI's new Tote Unloading System is a single sanitary unit that allows for loading or unloading of IBC totes in a safe, sanitary and automated fashion.

With CSI's Tote Unloading System installed, no one has to keep watch on the level. "When the IBC is empty, a message comes up on the operator interface. With the integral sanitary reservoir, production has enough time to request a change-out of the tote or drum without ever worrying about running out of product," explains Bryan Downer, who engineered the tote system.

"They save floor space by having the pump, reservoir, and flow meter under the tote stand. And, as an immediate cost savings, the angled tote arrangement and reservoir allow them to use the entire content of the container," says Downer.

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