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CropX Completes Integration Of Regen; Develops Comprehensive Irrigation Management Platform For New Zealand's Dairy Holding Limited And Plans Global Expansion Of Leading Effluent Management Solution

Tel Aviv, Israel /PRNewswire/ - CropX, a global leader in soil analytics for agriculture announced today the successful integration of Regen in New Zealand as well as plans for a limited global expansion of the award-winning Regen effluent irrigation management solution.

After successfully integrating the Regen team and operations at the end of 2020, the company immediately set about formulating plans to significantly expand the adoption of the CropX soil analytics solution in New Zealand as well as launching the Regen effluent management solution to select global markets with significant Dairy and/or Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) and unique soil & water quality challenges.

"Near the end of 2020 we were presented with the opportunity to provide Dairy Holdings Limited with a comprehensive irrigation management solution for all of their farms," said Bridgit Hawkins, founder of Regen and current Director of Sustainability for CropX.

"I'm very pleased that we were able to take the CropX product and develop a customized solution to meet the objectives of the Dairy Holdings Organization. Our plan is to offer unique solutions to any farmer wanting to improve irrigation efficiency and water and soil quality. Ultimately, we know this results in better agronomic and environmental outcomes," said Hawkins.

In parallel with the effort to introduce the CropX solution to New Zealand's growers, the company began an initiative to identify global targets with pressing environmental concerns associated with effluent management from dairy or CAFO's. Western Europe, the United States and nearby Australia all met the criteria. Given the travel challenges associated with the global pandemic, the decision was made to focus 2021 Regen commercial trials in Australia and the United States and defer commercial trials in Europe to 2022.

Hawkins' colleague, Nick Emanuel oversees business development in the US and sees tremendous potential to help reduce nitrate leaching and runoff challenges that dairy and CAFO operators face. "When we acquired Regen and I familiarized myself with the system's capabilities I saw an immediate opportunity here in Nebraska as well as other states with extensive livestock operations and increasing public concern around soil health and nitrate loading. Our plan is to conduct a limited commercial deployment of the Regen solution, both to fine-tune the system for local growers' needs as well as conduct promotional campaigns to expose producers to the system's capabilities," said Emanuel.

With greater global concern around water availability, quality and nitrate leaching and run-off, CropX is in a unique position to deliver agronomic benefits to growers and contribute to regenerative and sustainable agriculture practices in a meaningful way.

About CropX
CropX is a global leader in agricultural analytics whose vision is to revolutionize & automate the farm and the decision-making process by combining above-ground data sets with real-time soil data measured by proprietary in-house-developed soil sensors. The data is transmitted to a cloud-based platform, and analyzed by AI-based algorithms, to provide insights & automation via the CropX app.

Serving over 1,200 paying customers with almost 8,500 installations since its launch in 2017, CropX has demonstrated over 40% water savings across different crop types, with 10% yield increase. Backed by a world-class syndicate of strategic partners & investors and having raised over $20M in funding rounds including a recent B-round, CropX is determined to continue its global expansion, providing significant agronomic outcomes for growers.

About Regen
Regen was launched in 2010 with a mission to create world-class technology solutions for New Zealand farmers. Our mission was to provide more insight into the farm. Sensor technology is fantastic, but we knew farmers don't always have time to sit down and figure out what the numbers mean. So, we built solutions that matches weather, soil, and other environmental data with our science-backed recommendations for effluent and water irrigation management. In 2020 Regen was acquired by CropX as part of its strategy to provide more comprehensive solutions to enable growers to achieve improved agronomic outcomes while conserving natural resources.

Source: CropX

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