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American Dairy RNG Industry Moves Forward With DVO

Chilton, WI /PRNewswire/ - As the American dairy industry continues to take steps toward a sustainable future, DVO anaerobic digester technology is playing an increasingly important role for biogas developers.

"Communities understand that modern digesters help make farmers even better environmental stewards of the land," says Steve Dvorak, president and founder of DVO, Inc.

"This means biogas developers, dairies, and the communities they serve are increasingly eager to find new ways to manage their organic waste for the production of biogas and other valuable renewable products."

Anaerobic digester installation reached unprecedented levels in 2023. More than 15 new installations of DVO Two-Stage Linear Vortex digesters were initiated or completed in 10 different states. Annually, they will have the combined capacity to produce 2.6 million MMBtus of renewable natural gas (RNG).

A complete list of new DVO digester installations, including a state-by-state breakdown and design capacity details, can be found on the DVO website.

Reducing emissions, boosting revenues
Anaerobic digester technology from DVO allows dairy farmers to reduce their operations' greenhouse gas emissions by capturing methane and converting it into renewable energy in the form of electricity, compressed natural gas (RNG), or diesel fuel substitutes.

DVO digesters outperform older designs by more than 30 percent, meaning farmers earn more revenue per cow. They also help farmers convert manure into clean, high-quality cattle bedding or soil amendment.

"Modern anaerobic digesters enable crop nutrients to be more economically condensed and transported to where they're needed most, preserving vital waterways. These nutrients can now be spread on growing crops, reducing runoff potential, and increasing crop yield," says Dvorak.

Climate-smart organic waste management
Having designed nearly 200 digesters since 2001, DVO can provide guidance and recommendations about climate-smart organic waste management solutions to dairy farmers and surrounding communities.

"The team at DVO is proud to support the US dairy industry's efforts to reduce the climate impacts of food production," says Dvorak.

"We all want cleaner air and cleaner water. And we all want food to feed an increasing population. Anaerobic digestion is a critical tool, and it's one solution at our disposal today that makes a real difference. It's exciting that more dairy farmers see the benefits of investing in DVO's technology."

Source: DVO, Inc.

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