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Afimilk Unveils AfiFarm 5.3, Harnessing Power Of IoT To Manage Dairy Farms More Efficiently Than Ever

Company Also Launches RFID-connected Afi2Go Pro Mobile App, Providing Farm Management Team Freedom of Movement to Optimize Herds and Productivity

Hanover, Germany /PRNewswire/ - Afimilk, a leading provider of advanced software solutions for dairy and herd management, announced today the commercial availability of AfiFarm 5.3, the latest in the company's market-leading product line of dairy management software, and Afi2Go Pro, a new mobile app designed to provide management teams with the ultimate in flexibility.

"Early detection and highly accurate monitoring have long been the cornerstones of the AfiFarm product line," said Yuval Rachmilevitz, Chief Executive Officer of Afimilk. "The Internet of Things (IoT) provides us with a strong foundation for helping to maximize farm productivity with AfiFarm 5.3, including ideal insemination timing and feeding optimization, and on-the-go monitoring through our new Afi2Go Pro app."

AfiFarm has been a leading software platform for dairy farmers managing their 'connected cows' for many years. The company's state-of-the-art technology serves as the basis for milk and animal sensors, sort gate management and control, and milking parlor efficiency, providing crucial insights for farm manager decision-making.

AfiFarm 5.3 is the market's most advanced management software, yet it retains the user-friendliness and intuitive ease of use for which the company is known. Following are key new features:

  • Insemination Timing: Using an intuitive user interface (via PC or mobile), AfiFarm now provides recommendations for the ideal time to inseminate each animal, increasing conception rate.
  • AfiAct II ABC Dashboard: For "standalone cow monitoring" (a system without milk meters), AfiFarm now includes a dashboard homepage screen, which brings together all core routine tasks and status information.
  • System Faults - Malfunction Dashboard: A 'connected farm' is a sophisticated enterprise, consisting of up to thousands of sensors, controllers, and devices. AfiFarm 5.3 simplifies reliable farm operation, maintenance and calibration, with an intuitive malfunction dashboard that indicates 'everything is ok' at-a-glance, or provides clear alerts to quickly identify the specific device that requires attention.
  • Optimized AfiFeed Feeding Regimen Tool: Afimilk's module for strategizing and executing the smartest feeding regimens, including individual feeding. It allows the creation of a lifetime track for each cow, including days in milk, lactations, dry periods, and feed-levels according to yield and body weight. AfiFeed is now equipped with enhanced features, more menus, and a visual and intuitive interface.
  • Enhanced Analysis for Rotary Parlor Managers: Milking efficiency analysis, an efficient tool for management of milking parlors, is now applied to rotary parlors. The Milking Efficiency Dashboard helps verify and control optimal milking routines, ensuring milking time is minimal and udder health is kept at the highest level.
  • AfiFarm for the Mega-Farm: AfiFarm now manages herds of 50,000 animals as a single herd, stores the enormous amount of data for years, and allows access to key reports and analytics in seconds.

Afi2Go Pro - Unleashing the Herdsmen
The company's new Afi2Go Pro mobile app enables RFID-based identification, treatment and decision-making without being confined to an office. The Afi2Go Pro - available on both smartphones and tablets - offers an animal search/identify function with an RFID wand, allowing individualized work on each cow, or the use of "attention lists." Key features include:

  • Search: manual animal search
  • Read RFID tags: RFID wand with Bluetooth support
  • Browse lists: Animals for insemination and sick animals (sorted or scheduled for treatment)
  • Animal info: Status, recent milking, alerts, animal history
  • Tag assignment: Tags (leg, RFID), code assignment, body condition score (BCS)
  • Move: Animal transfers among groups
  • Sorting
  • Treatment: System treatment or user custom treatment
  • Additional actions: Dry, Inseminate or Calve an animal

AfiFarm has excelled in the highly accurate and early detection of sick animals and animals in heat. A fully automated system, it can identify cows with mastitis, negative energy balance, digestive problems, and anestrus. AfiFarm also flags animals eligible for insemination (according to farmer settings), and can mark them for treatment and sorting.

Afi2Go Pro will be available later in Q4 of 2018, for Android (Google Play and for China, Baidu) and iOS (Apple App Store). It is provided free of charge for all AfiFarm 5.3 users with an Internet connection.

About Afimilk
Afimilk is the global leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing advanced computerized systems for the modern dairy farm and for herd management. Since 1977, Afimilk has been a pioneer in the field, with the introduction of the first electronic milk meter. Since then, based on its strong research and development group, the company has continued to provide cutting-edge solutions for the milking parlor.

The company's systems are installed and in use on thousands of farms in 50 countries across five continents. With hundreds of thousands of milk meters and millions of behavior sensors installed, Afimilk sets the standards for dairy farming and management around the globe.

Source: Afimilk

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