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  1. AAFP Conference Update- Please join us to honor Dr. Michael G. Johnson with the Lifetime Achievement award
  2. Olympic And Professional Athletes Launch Switch4Good Coalition To Expose Hidden Dairy Epidemic

    According to the National Institutes of Health, more than 65 percent of all humans are cow's milk intolerant. This urgent public health crisis impacts an estimated 30-50 million Americans and has been linked to serious health hazards including cancer, diabetes, obesity, and other chronic diseases. Despite the staggering statistics and research behind this hidden epidemic, most of the population remains unaware of the threats that cow's milk could be posing to their health

  3. Valio At Leading Startup Event Slush With Brand New Dairy Products, Establishing New Standard Of ‘Purity’

    Valio, a Finnish dairy company with over 100 years experience, known for the motto of "combining the great taste with innovative thinking", attended a leading startup and technology event Slush. Both Vailo and Slush come from one of the most innovative countries, Finland

  4. Acquires Data Specialists, Inc.
    8/30/2018, the world's leading provider of software as service solutions powering dairy supply chains, is acquiring Data Specialists, Inc. (DSI), a technology company with deep roots and multiple platforms deployed across the dairy industry

  5. The Milkman Is Back At Quality Dairy With Vroom Delivery

    With the addition of Quality Dairy to its platform, Vroom Delivery is redefining what it means to be convenient in the digital age. As the first ecommerce platform specifically designed for convenience stores, Vroom enables them to keep convenience central amid competitive pressures and rapid change

  6. 50th Annual American Dairy Association North East Butter Sculpture Unveiled: Your Milk Comes From A Good Place

    American Dairy Association North East along with Wegmans Food Markets unveiled the 50th Annual Butter Sculpture at the New York State Fairgrounds today, paying tribute to the state's hard-working dairy farmers

  7. The Coffee Creamer You’ve Been Dreaming Of Has Arrived

    In a saturated coffee market, it can be hard to find a truly new product, but JoeFroyo’s new lactose-free Clean Label Creamer™ provides benefits that no other creamer on the market does

  8. Saputo Proudly Supports Dairy Goat Welfare Research At Iowa State University

    Saputo Inc. ("Saputo" or the "Company") (TSX:SAP) is proud to announce its support for a dairy goat welfare research project at Iowa State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine

  9. D'lecta Expands Product Portfolio With The Launch Of Feta Cheese

    D'lecta, one of the leading producers of bakery and dairy products, today announced the launch of Feta cheese, which will be made in India for the first time. Health food lovers are in for a taste of something new; Feta will be available in India at an affordable price point and a longer shelf life

  10. Golfo di Napoli Dairy Eyes Organic Cheese Production Plant In Warren, Indiana

    Italy-based Golfo di Napoli Dairy plans to locate a commercial organic cheese plant in Warren, Indiana. The company plans to create up to 35 jobs by 2021 in Huntington County.