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  1. Global Research Demonstrates Benefits Of Phibro Products For The Dairy Producer

    Improving cow health and production was a common theme of the recent 2019 American Dairy Science Association (ADSA) conference, held in Cincinnati. Researchers from around the globe convened to present findings from recent studies; among them, eight teams presented research specific to Phibro Animal Health Corporation (Phibro) nutritional products, offering a scientific basis and practical advice for integrating the products into feeding strategies. Supports Enhanced Immune Response Four studies helped demonstrate the positive impacts

  2. Versilon XFR: New Lightweight, Extra-Flexible Suction And Discharge Hose For Food & Beverage Transfer

    Saint-Gobain launches Versilon XFR, an extra-flexible and lightweight suction and discharge hose designed for food and beverage transfer applications

  3. Land O'Lakes, Inc. And Royal Agrifirm Group Announce China Joint Venture Focused On Dairy Nutritional Products, Services

    Two global agricultural cooperatives, U.S.-based Land O'Lakes, Inc. (Land O'Lakes) and The Netherlands-based Royal Agrifirm Group (Agrifirm), today announced that they will be setting up a dairy animal feed joint venture in China

  4. The Alfalfa Project, A Company Dedicated To Improved Crop Yields, Launches A Large Scale Water Efficiency Project Offers H2O Offsets

    The Alfalfa Project (TAP), with its game-changing approach to water-saving irrigation techniques in disadvantaged communities in the San Joaquin Valley, is providing a long-awaited and certain path to profitability for the struggling dairy farmers in the region.

  5. Government Of Canada Supports Two Dairy Processing Businesses In Ontario

    The dairy processing sector plays a vital role in Canada's economy, producing good, high-quality and nutritious products for Canadians across the country

  6. Tate & Lyle And Long Life Dairy Collaborate To Improve Consumer Access To Dairy

    Tate & Lyle PLC (Tate & Lyle), a leading global provider of food and beverage ingredients and solutions, has worked with Long Life Dairy, a subsidiary of leading dairy manufacturer Unique Dairy, to create a range of low cost, long shelf life products to enable more families with limited access to refrigeration to benefit from dairy

  7. Strategic Acquisition Of Omniblend

    On 17 June 2019, Keytone Dairy announced the signing of binding agreements for the 100% acquisition of Omniblend. Omniblend is a profitable and leading Australian-based product developer and contract manufacturer of high value, formulated, blended powder products and long-life UHT drinks, specialising in the health and wellness sector

  8. Charm ROSA Beta-Lactam 30 Second Test Approved By The NCIMS And Certified By AOAC-RI For Screening Milk Tankers

    Charm Sciences, Inc. is pleased to announce that the Charm ROSA® Beta-lactam 30 Second Test (BL30SEC) has been accepted by the 2019 National Conference of Interstate Milk Shipments for screening milk tankers according to the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance Appendix N requirements

  9. Lotus Bakeries Maker Of Biscoff Cookies Releases All-New Line Of Super-Premium Ice Cream With Biscoff Inside

    This family-owned company from Belgium has developed the quintessential ice cream by marrying dairy cream with crunchy Biscoff cookies and the original cookie butter. The ice cream offerings include both pint and bar formats

  10. Tetra Pak And FOSS Combine Expertise To Deliver Industry First In-Line Standardization Analyser

    Tetra Pak and FOSS have today launched an advanced version of the Tetra Pak Standardization unit