Zero-Adhesion Technology

Source: WCB Ice Cream
Zero-Adhesion Technology
Cryo-Zat (Zero Adhesion) technology makes it possible to mold ice cream on a stick without the problem of adhesion.
Cryo-Zat (Zero Adhesion) technology makes it possible to mold ice cream on a stick without the problem of adhesion. Complex three-dimensional shapes can be achieved with a high degree of surface detail yielding interesting products undreamed of so far. For the ice cream manufacturers, the new technology combines high economical advantages with favorable margins for extraordinarily shaped products and high production throughput.

The molds are cooled down to a temperature of –196ºC using liquid nitrogen before the ice cream mixture is deposited. This is different from previous methods where the ice cream is first deposited into the molds and then cooled down. The new process ensures that the ice cream mixture freezes instantly and has no time to stick to the mold's surface. Subsequently, the moulds do not have to be warmed up again when removing the frozen product. This protects the product from possible damage and produces a product with an irresistible shape. The quick freezing process also has the positive effect that ice crystal growth is kept to a minimum yielding a more tender texture and an even more pleasurable mouthfeel when the ice cream melts in the mouth.

No ice cream residues remain in the molds when applying this revolutionary technology. This makes ice cream production more efficient because the equipment does not need to be cleaned. The molds are kept at low temperature and do not have to be cooled down again. Another positive effect: fewer molds are required and equipment can be used longer for production. Furthermore, cryogenic technology is faster. The maximum throughput is about 18,000 pieces per hour for typical mold stick ice cream products.

The technology is designed for easy exchange of 3D molds and makes a rapid change of product shape possible. . At the same time, the product line is suitable for the production of conventional products such as chocolate-coated sticks, juice coated sticks, bars, ice cream sandwiches, and ball cones.

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