X-Ray Inspection System: Cartons, Bags, Foils

Source: Minebea Intec

X-Ray Inspection System

X-Ray inspection systems of the Dyxim FB-series are used to inspect products in cartons, plastic bags, metalized foils and bulk products. The Dyxim FB-series is able to detect metal, glass, bones, ceramics and special plastics (PVC). It is available in different versions such as FB 40, FB 80, FB 120 and FB 160.

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It is easy to fit each x-ray inspection system of the Dyxim series into an existent architecture. It is also possible to adapt them to new products in a short time and without high complexity.

  • Detection of contaminants such as metal, glass, stones, bones and special plastics (PVC)
  • Verification of fill levels
  • Verification of the product weight and voids in product
  • Easy installation, intuitive and user friendly handling
  • Statistical registration of production data
  • High reliability, minimal maintenance
  • Verification of product count and missing components
  • Verification of product dimensions and volume
  • Low and High Power configuration
  • Optional remote control access
  • Integration in existing transport systems