News | May 2, 2017

Two Colorado Companies Partner Up To Deliver Better Tech To Dairy Livestock

Dairy Tech, Inc. makes a strategic investment in HerdDogg, Inc. to deliver improved biometric data on animals for dairy farmers and ranchers.

Greeley, Colorado (PRWEB)  Dairy Tech, Inc. announced that it has made a strategic investment into HerdDogg, Inc., developers and creators of a livestock monitoring system that will revolutionize the industry. Their state-of-the-art ear tag and tag reading system is simple to use and utilizes smart technology to generate individual animal identification and biometrics without the limitations of current RFID technology.

HerdDogg’s Smart Technology Livestock monitoring system simplifies two of the most important tasks for any rancher or dairyman: 1) generating critical biometrics on animal health, and 2) gathering that data to any mobile device.

This innovative system measures animal activity and body temperature along with other key metrics right from HerdDogg’s smart ear tag. That data is collected by the DoggBone, a small passive reader that requires no Wi-Fi or cellular connection. Animals are "checked-in" whenever they get near a DoggBone: at the watering trough, the milk barn or moving past you from one pasture to the next. The HerdDogg data is accessed via a smart phone or on the web, and can be downloaded and easily integrated into existing productivity tools or legacy systems.

Dr. Rick Dumm, DVM, CEO and Founder of Dairy Tech, Inc. said, “This is a win-win partnership. We were very impressed with Herddogg’s technology when we met their team last fall, and we believe they have the right combination to dominate the smart tag market. Dairy Tech has decades of experience bringing our own innovative products and protocols to the dairy industry which will help us introduce HerdDogg to dairies faster which benefits everyone, including the cows.”

HerdDogg was recently invited to participate in the Sprint/Dairy Farmers of America Accelerator in Kansas City. “While most of our early customers have been beef, we have seen a strong interest from our dairymen and women. With Colorado’s growing dairy market, it makes perfect sense for HerdDogg to have a great industry partner like Dairy Tech, Inc. to help us build our foundation in this space,” states Melissa Brandao, CEO & Founder of HerdDogg, “and with Dairy Tech’s direct investment in HerdDogg it makes our partnership even stronger.”

About HerdDogg
HerdDogg, Inc. developed “smart tags for smart cows.” The HerdDogg is a two-part “Internet of Things” system that pairs multiple smart cattle tags with a lightweight passive reader and collects detailed biometric data from livestock. It is easily accessible using portable devices and smart phones and the data is on-demand. This powerful data ensures livestock producers and other users can make rapid, data-driven decisions on their animals’ health, and have the predictive information to maintain a healthy animal population.

HerdDogg was publicly introduced in November, 2015 when the team was selected to be on Intel’s reality TV show America’s Greatest Makers. HerdDogg officially launched its product in January, 2017. For more information or to order HerdDogg, visit

About Dairy Tech
Since 1999, Dairy Tech, Inc.’s focus has been exclusively on early calf development and the impact that healthy calves make on long-term herd productivity. From the very beginning, they have been a significant partner in university research of commercial applications of on-farm pasteurization of milk and colostrum. Dairy Tech currently has units on 20+ university/university trial sites and state owned dairies in the US. Because of Dairy Tech’s long, successful track record, the scientific community has acknowledged them as the "innovative leader" in the wet calf segment of the industry. Dairy Tech’s product perfection and out-of-the-box approach to problem solving has led to very innovative, patented solutions that have radically improved processes and outcomes on the dairy. For more information, visit


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