Statistical Weighing Module With Transport Belt

Source: Minebea Intec


The Sartorius WK weighing modules are specialized on statical weighing with a high weighing precision and a transport belt for right-/left sorting to select IN SPEC from OUT OF SPEC samples. The module with the front mounted Quality terminal allows semit and fully automated operation in the statistical process control. The module is designed for use in-/or on the end of the production process.

Standardized and modular quality assurance system that delivers incomparable value for money. Weighing capacity up to 120 kg; belt speed up to 60 m/min (approximately 200 ft/min).

  • weighing module with feed belts for static weighing and controlling
  • belt size 300 × 250 mm
  • determination of weight values and output (RS-232), sorting, 25 product memories, relay outputs
  • for a maximum product weight of 7 kg
  • up to 30 products/minute
  • options: units-counter; serial-error detection