News | May 23, 2018

Reis & Irvy's Frozen Yogurt Robots Are Coming To Canada

Calgary, AB (BUSINESS WIRE) - Launching off the overwhelming success in US markets, Reis & Irvy’s (OTC:VEND) revolutionary frozen yogurt robots, are set to disrupt the industry in Canada.

Reis & Irvy’s was first introduced to Canada just a few months ago, and more than twenty robots have already sold, with almost no advertising. Only slightly larger than the average vending machine, and fully self functioning, Reis & Irvy’s has proven to be on the forefront of innovation and can be placed practically anywhere with instant success, making them a secure investment for franchise owners.

“Once people understand the product and its technology, they immediately realize how unique and cool it is. Having seen them in action myself, I can guarantee they will surpass people’s already high expectations,” said Brett Beninger, President of Reis & Irvy’s Canada.

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While food service companies like McDonald’s and Domino’s have moved in the direction of automating customer ordering, Reis & Irvy’s has automated both the ordering and the preparation process, eliminating the need for staffed labour all together.

“I first heard about Reis & Irvy’s in the US and, as soon as heard the ad, I tried to find out how I could be a part of this new and exciting technology. Once I found Reis & Irvy’s in Canada I quickly committed to buy multiple robots and I plan on buying a lot more!” said Barry Ehlert an entrepreneur from Calgary.

Reis & Irvy’s is one of the highest revenue per square foot businesses in the world. Reis & Irvy’s is excited to bring this innovative and delicious product to Canadian consumers.

About Reis & Irvy’s:
Developed by Nick Yates, in San Diego, California, the Reis & Irvy’s franchise will make a major impact in the franchising world. They have sold over 1,000 franchises in the US. Reis & Irvy’s is a publicly traded company (OTC:VEND), and their stock has seen rapid growth recently. The revolutionary robotic kiosks offer frozen yogurt to customers at convenient locations while maintaining the highest quality product. Reis & Irvy’s is an example of how innovation can help both owners and customers.

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