News | June 30, 2010

Permatran - MOCON'S New WVTR Testing System Generates Relative Humidity

Source: MOCON, Inc.

MOCON, Inc. is announcing the global launch of its new water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) testing system, the PERMATRAN-W® Model 3/33 Plus. A new generation of its industry standard, the innovative WVTR testing line now automatically generates relative humidity.

For the first time, units in the Model 3/33 series will offer automatic relative humidity (RH) capability via a new software interface. This will help brand owners quickly and simply achieve accurate and precise relative humidity conditions. Precise results are critical to understanding how barriers will perform in real-world conditions. The PERMATRAN-W series tests the WVTR of films as well as finished flexible and/or rigid plastic-based packaging.

RH significantly impacts the water vapor transmission rate of many materials. MOCON assures accuracy in obtaining precise RH by incorporating a patented modulated infrared probe within the test cell. A high-precision sensor provides parts-per-million sensitivity. Any deviation from the desired set-point is automatically adjusted. With temperature and RH automation incorporated in the new PERMATRAN-W Model 3/33 Plus, obtaining reliable information to help make critical decisions is effortless.

"Having a unit that can duplicate a realistic environment means that you won't be spending money on packaging barrier that exceeds your product needs. Reducing material thickness will also have a positive impact on transportation and other costs. The ability to simplify the process for the lab operator is a big bonus." said Joel Fischer, lab manager, MOCON.

The new PERMATRAN-W® Model 3/33 Plus series comes in three-different "master base control systems with three satellite modules—each providing different test capabilities for a maximum of 20 test cells per system.

Market segments that can benefit from the unit's capabilities include: food, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical device, cosmetic, chemicals, etc. Additionally, the unit is ideal for manufacturers and converters of packaging materials and containers, laboratories, universities, military, etc. The PERMATRAN-W® Model 3/33 Plus will be represented by Paul Lippke Handles-GmbH in Europe.

View the brochure: PERMATRAN-W® Model 3/33 Plus

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