Industrial Beltweighers

Source: Minebea Intec


Beltweighers featuring throughputs ranging from 100 kg to 25,000 t per hour. The beltweighers enable reliable monitoring of conveyed bulk-material quantities. Flexible product range for almost all common belt widths.

Beltweigher weighbridge

The weighbridges are combined with Sartorius weighing electronics for continuous measurement of the volume and quantities of pourable products transported by a conveyor belt. The weighing bridges serving in conjunction with Sartorius weighing electronics, continuously measures the flow rate and quantity of bulk material on belt conveyors.

Beltweigher electronics EWM 1000

The beltweigher electronics together with a Sartorius weighbridge forms a conveyor belt scale that is used in a standard application for high-precision measurement of conveyed volume and quantity. The EWM 1000 is designed for use with modern SPS and PC control systems. The weighing electronics software is user-friendly.In addition, zeroing and weighing calibration of the belt scale are also quick and easy.Problems within the belt scale are shown on the display and output as a binary signal.

Beltweigher Electronics EWM 609

The beltweigher electronics are configured for modern operation in combination with a PLC or PC controller. They simplify operation of weighing electronics and permit trouble-free zero-setting as well as fast weighing calibration of the belt scale. The EWM 609 weighing electronics unit, serving in combination with a Sartorius weigh-bridge, constitutes a belt weigher that is used in its standard application for high-precision monitoring of conveyed quantities and flow