News | October 5, 2016

Dana Dairy Introduces DANALAC Baby Cereals In 10 Wonderful Variations

Dana Dairy Group introduces all-new and complete line of baby cereals under company’s recognized infant food brand DANALAC

(PRWEB) The leading dairy and infant food manufacturer and supplier, Dana Dairy Group, introduced its all-new and complete line of baby cereals under company’s recognized DANALAC brand today. The Product line will include 10 delicious variations and flavors combining fruits, milk, and various cereals.

DANALAC baby cereals are made with partially hydrolyzed cereals as their main ingredients. The cereals used are wheat, rice, corn, rye, and barley. Varying combinations are used in each cereal to accommodate flavor and taste preferences.

Dana Dairy’s DANALAC cereals are introduced in two main categories. The first category includes different combinations of cereals with no milk in 5 flavors. The second category, including another five flavors, comes with skimmed milk as the second main ingredient.

The cereals also come with or without various combinations of dehydrated fruits for added flavor and nutrition. Dehydrated banana flakes, as well as apples, pears, oranges, and pineapples make up the flavorful ingredients added to DANALAC baby cereals.

The hydrolysis process uses water molecules to break down heavier molecules in food. This process, by creating smaller molecules, helps infants digest food much easier. The cereals used in DANALAC baby cereals are partially hydrolyzed to facilitate for easy digestion.

“Our DANALAC Baby Cereals are wonderfully delicious and babies all around the world just love them,” said Alex Dorka, International Sales at Dana Dairy. “Dana Dairy is dedicated to providing wholesome foods in the dairy and infant food market,” stated Dorka adding, “With these ten flavorful baby cereals, our company will be adding a wonderful product to its infant food product line.”

Dana Dairy’s DANALAC Baby Cereals are now available for import-export. The company is prepared to provide detailed information to customers at request. The company aims to advance in the growing global infant nutrition and food market with this top quality product.

For over a decade, Dana Dairy Group has been producing and supplying top quality milk and dairy products to its customers worldwide. The Company has been a major global source for products such as UHT long life milk, various kinds of condensed milk, various types of milk powder, and many other dairy produce. The company’s brand ‘Dana’ is a world known brand name for excellent quality dairy products.

Dana Dairy will be showcasing DANALAC baby cereals as well as DANALAC infant formula at the company’s exhibit “7 A 026” during this year’s SIAL exhibition in Paris on 16-20 October 2016. The company invites all customers and associates to stop by at the exhibit for a visit, discussion, and collaboration.

DANALAC baby cereal product details, as well as information about company’s other products, are available on company’s website. Customers can reach Dana Dairy representatives by phone and by email for all inquiries and required assistance.


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