Guy Wray
7500 Mendelssohn Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN 55428  US

Company Overview

MOCON develops, markets, and manufactures permeation systems, headspace analyzers, leak detection instruments as well as providing consulting and testing services on barrier packaging materials for oxygen transmission rate (OTR) and water vapor transmission rate WVTR)...


  • Supplies & Accessories
    • Product Packaging Supplies
      • Package
        • Packaging Test Equipment, Seal Material Integrity
        • Packaging Test Equipment Leak Detectors (Non-Destructive), Blisters
        • Packaging Test Equipment, Permeation/Accelerated Shelf-Life
        • Packaging Test Equipment Leak Detectors (Non-Destructive), Bottles
        • Packaging Test Equipment, Gas Permeation
        • Packaging Test Equipment, Seat Strength
  • Equipment and Machinery
    • Processing Equipment
      • Detectors
        • Leak, Gas
      • Thickness Monitors and Controllers (of Material In Sheets)
    • Laboratory Instruments
      • Analyzers
        • Gas
    • Product Packaging Equipment
      • Container Test Equipment
  • Services
    • Container Integrity Evaluation
    • Analytical Services