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  1. Whole Foods Market Receives Global Accolades For Animal Welfare Efforts

    Whole Foods Market has been recognized with a Good Sow Commendation and a Global Good Egg Award from Compassion in World Farming, for the company’s animal welfare practices. “Whole Foods Market is proud to receive these awards in recognition of our commitment to improving farm animal welfare

  2. Visualant Enters Into Option Agreement With Benemilk Ltd.

    Visualant, Inc., a leading provider of disruptive light-based technologies, announced recently that it has entered into a one-year option agreement with Benemilk Ltd, a joint venture of Raisio plc and Intellectual Ventures (IV), granting Benemilk the right to evaluate its ChromaID technology for quality assurance or quality control tests performed in connection with the production of dairy products and to exclusively license such technology on a worldwide basis

  3. GEA Announces The Panther NS3006L, A Self-Contained, Fully-Equipped Laboratory Homogenizer Well Suited For Pilot Plants

    GEA's Panther NS3006L is a high pressure homogenizer, which is a standalone, fully-equipped laboratory unit that is designed for continuous operation up to 1500 bar for limited productions in pilot plants

  4. Stainless Steel Roll Handling Equipment With Lifting Clamp Attachment And Retainers

    New to Packline Materials Handling is the innovativeroll handling equipment with a clamp attachment and retainers to prevent the rolls or drums from slipping or being crushed during lifting and handling

  5. Eco-Friendly Dairy Chooses Ryder For Natural Gas Vehicle Solution In Florida

    Ryder System, Inc., a leader in commercial fleet management, dedicated transportation, and supply chain solutions, announced recently that it has signed a natural gas vehicle (NGV) lease contract with its new customer in Florida, M&B Products, a state-of-the-art eco-friendly dairy farm

  6. Shifting Consumer Preferences Create Opportunities For The Beverage Packaging Market

    Liquid packaging cartons are used for a variety of products — water, dairy, juices, and soft drinks — and with consumers showing a growing preference for convenience products, this packaging format is expected to experience increased demand in the coming years.

  7. SCIEX Accelerates Method Development To Screen For Poisons In Milk And Infant Formula

    SCIEX, a global leader in life science analytical technologies and solutions, today announced that their application team is actively developing a new method for screening of monofluoroacetic acid (MFA), also known as ‘1080’

  8. The Nation’s Largest Food Safety Inspection Database Is Up And Running

    Food safety inspection data has traditionally been difficult to aggregate as each regulating agency has compiled its own data in individual databases. While it is fairly simple to find publicly available inspection data on the USDA and FDA websites, local and state agency information hasn’t been so easy to find… until now.

  9. Esterform Packaging Launches A New Range Of 38mm PET Preforms

    As part of the current £8m program of investment at Esterform Packaging Ltd, the Tenbury Well based manufacturer of PET preforms and containers is broadening its 38mm UCS preform range

  10. Nestlé To Transform Milk Factory To 'Zero Water' In California

    Nestlé is investing in innovative technology to help reduce the amount of water it uses in California at the five water bottling plants and four facilities where food or petcare products are manufactured.

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