Current Headlines

  1. Dana Dairy Expands Sweetened Condensed Milk Production To Fat-Filled And Full-Cream (Animal Fat)

    Dana Dairy Group, market leading condensed milk manufacturer and sweetened condensed milk supplier announced today the expansion of its production of SCM to meet growing worldwide demands and requirements

  2. Krones Upgrades Dairy Capability With New Milkron GmbH Subsidiary

    Krones AG Neutraubling, Germany, will in future be synergising its operations involving plant construction and service support for the dairy industry

  3. Kubota Introduces New Round Baler Designed For Dairy And Cattle Producers

    From the Farm Progress Show, Kubota Tractor Corporation announces the release of its all-new BV4580 round baler. The BV4580 is the highest capacity baler of Kubota’s popular round baler line, bringing to market a baler producing the 5 ft. by 6 ft. variable diameter bales preferred by cow-calf and dairy producers

  4. Spiroflow Announces Hygienic Heavy Duty Chain Drag Conveyor For The Food Industry

    In response to the ever increasing needs of the food industry, Spiroflow has launched the new Chainflow tubular chain drag conveyor. The hygienic, heavy duty, totally enclosed, dust-free chain drag conveyor economically conveys dry powders and granules particularly fragile materials such as coffee beans, cereals, specialty breakfast cereals, nuts, dried fruit, grains, dry soup mix, candy, small cookies, baby formula powder, pet food, animal feed, and more. Processors can easily convey or batch ingredients with the crevice free design

  5. Hilary’s Unveils New Frozen Veggie Breakfast Sausages In Two Delicious Flavors

    Hilary’s, the creator of convenient and culinary foods made from real ingredients and free from common allergens, is excited to announce the launch of its nutrient-rich and flavorsome Frozen Veggie Breakfast Sausages in two crave-worthy flavors: Spicy Sausage and Apple Maple Sausage

  6. Cherney Microbiological Services Teams With Mocon To Assist Food Processors In Identifying Spoilage Causes

    With many food companies having limited personnel and technology resources to determine exactly why they are having product spoilage issues, Cherney Microbiological Services, Ltd. has teamed with MOCON, Inc. (NASDAQ: MOCO) to help provide answers.

  7. Rising Demand For High-Pressure Processing Technology Will Impact The Global Food Processing Machinery Market Until 2020: Technavio

    Technavio’s latest report on the global food processing machinery marketprovides an analysis on the most important trends expected to impact the market outlook from 2016-2020

  8. Graham’s Adds New Organic Whole Milk With Cream On Top

    Graham’s The Family Dairy has launched a new organic whole milk with cream at the top, which it has said brings consumers “the best of both worlds

  9. Packline Materials Handling Release New Roll And Barrel Handling Equipment In Stainless Steel With Upright Front Castors

    Packline Materials Handling announce their new roll and barrel handling equipment designed with upright front castors for easy and safe manoeuvring along narrow production lines. Manufactured from stainless steel this roll handling solution is ideal for clean room environments such as food and pharmaceutical industries

  10. UPM Equips Tims Dairy For 200 Tonnes Of Yogurt Production Per Week

    UPM Conveyors have worked closely with family run company Tims Dairy to deliver the necessary expansion required to meet commercial demand. This called for investment into the end line to improve dispatch efficiencies